JOIN Weta Class North America

  “The value of your boat depends on the success of your class”  

WCNA Membership

  • Provides the structure for Weta racing and social events around the country

  • Regulates class rules and maintains strict one-design practices

  • Governs with a strong commitment to the integrity of the one-design concept

  • Attracts top-notch sailors by upholding high racing standards

  • Supports this website and WCNA events throughout the year

  • Includes a Forum of racing tips, event reports, photos, and much more

  • Connects you with other Weta owners throughout North America

US Sailing Membership 


 US Sailing Fleet MVP program strengthens the sport and the sailing community through increased participation, equitable access, and excellence in both education and competition.

  • Save 20% on your US Sailing dues

  • Save on Regatta Registration fees

  • Benefit Weta Class North America


Learn more about the MVP program.