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King Harbor Invitational

Report by Bruce Fleming

Four West Coast Wetas descended on King Harbor Yacht Club in the west-side Los Angeles suburb of Redondo Beach, early on the last Saturday morning in March, to sail together in the early-season King Harbor One Design Invitational. Tim Corcoran had sailed here a couple times before and finally convinced a few more of us to join him here.

The double handed duo take it out!

Congrats to Randy Smyth and Toni Sacco who took out the first WetaFest ever over the weekend!

The last race of the series was a 1.5 hour distance race, Fort Walton turned it on with a warm, sunny and windy conditions!

Chris Kitchen and Brian Harrison were dueling out the front of the pack, Brian using his local knowledge to his advantage when Chris got a bit confused and starting going back upwind to early, he then had to turn around and follow Brian to the correct bottom mark, however he slipped back in front of him to be the first to round and start heading upwind to the finish. BUT there was no stopping Toni and Randy who powered past Chris and Brian on the upwind


When Race Chairman John Farris saw the Weta's arriving, he offered them a separate start at the FWYC Wednesday Night Fun Race - the challenge - get 3 boats on the line in time. Dave Kleinman and John Luzius and the man himself Chris Kitchen got out on the water in the nick of time.

Check out this awesome swag from Ronstan for Wetafest - thanks Ronstan!

Spring has sprung in San Fran!

​Susan Smith March 2012

We are lucky to have two reports on the Spring Dinghy - Dave Berntsen and Jonathon Weston with their different takes on the tight and tricky racing in classic San Fran conditions at the St Francis Spring Dinghy last weekend

Great Racing and Learning at Charlotte Harbor Regatta 2013
Carol Simons March 2012

Report by Cliff Farrah

Charlotte Harbor Regatta kicked off the Weta Florida Spring Series for 2013. The racing fleet was 6 strong, fewer than prior years, but strong in spirit and expecting a great regatta. We were not disappointed, and Thursday's practice started with gusts to the mid twenties. While others huddled on the beach, the Wetas went out and ripped around the bay.


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