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Weta Class North America

The North American Class Association of the Weta Trimaran.


Weta is a 14.5 foot trimaran used for day sailing with family and children as well as one-design racing.
With its sleek design and lightweight tech materials, speeds of 20 knots can be reached.  Due to the Weta’s ease of handling, it’s perfect for the enthusiastic novice or seasoned skipper. It brings the best of both worlds together since it handles like a Monohull with the speed of a Multihull.

Owning a Weta has many advantages, one being the opportunity to Join WCNA. As a member of WCNA, we encourage you to join a Weta fleet. This is the best way to get connected with other Weta sailors, have the best sailing experiences and have FUN with new friends!

10 reasons to love sailing your Weta

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Weta Marine Website
2010 Boat of the Year

For more information, CONTACT WCNA.

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