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  Weta Fleets are using WhatsApp  

Get Connected

Weta Fleets are using WhatsApp to stay in touch about last minute sailing, events, new products and much more!

WCNA has created WhatsApp Groups to make it easy to communicate with Weta Sailors in your area.​

  • Let the group know you are going sailing tomorrow so others can join the fun

  • Share photos and videos of your latest sailing adventure

  • Share links or documents of interest to the group

  • Ask for technical or rigging advice

  • Message someone privately or take a group chat offline to one individual



To Your Phone, Tablet or PC


Stephanie Taylor


Your Full Name and Phone Number

Weta WhatsApp Group(s) you want to join​

  • Mid-Atlantic

  • California  

  • Northeast

  • Central Florida

  • North Gulf Coast

  • Texas

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